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     We asked you what should we post about next, and some of you asked for Cambridge, so here are some of the photos we took there. Honestly, we took at least 300 photos only that day, so it was sooo hard choosing which ones to show you guys. Unfortunately, I didn't really take that many photos of Kinga, so you can see more photos of me. But in my defense, I was way too overwhelmed by the beauty surrounding us. Plus if Kinga would've asked for more photos I am sure I would've taken them.
     Anyway. Ever since we heard that we would sleep one night in Cambridge,we were so happy. Not only because it is a beautiful city, but because it is one of the most famous University towns in England. So many famous people attended this University, who have changed dramatically and drastically life with their inventions. Of course, most of the ones we know have worked in the Science field, such as Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and Crick & Watson. Could you imagine what would life be without their work? I am sure someone else would have developed the law of universal gravitation, or would have written a similar book to "On the Origin of Species" or other scientists would have invented the double helical structure of a nucleic acid complex. But still, they were the ones who rose above the society, who with their knowledge and ambition could make a difference in history and science/medicine. 
     We decided the easiest way to take a good look around this amazing place, is to go river punting. There were so many different companies offering us discounts, honestly you cannot walk around Cambridge without bumping into at least 5. So after we walked through the market, we headed to the punts. We only had our bigger lens with us (50-200mm) so most of the photos are detail photos. We cannot describe the feeling of just laying in the punt and enjoying the view. After a hectic week, this was honestly what we needed. It was so relaxing! 
    Most of the things I (Saci) was wearing were bought there, that's why my blouse is wrinkled. But I loved this look so much, I decided to wear it despite the little beauty "defect". The blouse is from Zara, and it has a split in the back, but the color is so amazing, I just had to buy it. I wore it with a simple grey tank top underneath. The jeans are from Primark, I've been looking for a pair of black jeans for so long, and I found the perfect pair! Oh and the bracelets were just love at first sight. As I saw them in New Look, I bought them, without even looking at the price tag!

PS: If you are from Romania, and you are interested in hand crafted jewelries or home decorations, or anything, there will be an amazing event called HandiCraft Cafe, you can find out more about it here.


Have an amazing week!
Saci & Kinga
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{ Cambridge }
{ Cambridge }
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