{ The leather jacket issue }

Dress from an English Charity Shop (worn as top)
Mango leather jacket
H&M jeans & bag
Zara loafers


     I really need to buy a black leather jacket ASAP! The problem is that it's sooo expensive! Honestly, I don't want to buy a synthetic one, because that will last one or two seasons. This Mango jacket is real leather and it cost a little fortune (for me at least) but I know it will last a longer time. It still feels like new, but because it's brown I cannot wear it with everything. Most of my boots are black, so yes I am desperate right now!
     Anyway, we still have sooo many post to show you guys from our trip (I know, I know it's getting a bit far fetched but bear with us!) buut we took so many great photos, we really want to share with you guys, plus that means we can stay home and watch our fave series (Lie to me - right now) and still post regularly. I wore this look in Budapest, before heading to England. Honestly, I had a totally different outfit in mind, a more sophisticated one, but since the weather was awful, I had to borrow this dress from Kinga. 
     But, between posting these travel photos, on Friday we will have a special post: Back to Uni Lookbook where we will show you guys 6 outfits for the upcoming University year! We are so excited, we already got the photos but waiting for the video! Hope you'll like it!

Have an amazing week!
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{ The leather jacket issue }
{ The leather jacket issue }
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