{ What I'd Wear }


  Sheinside dress worn as a top
Accessorize necklace
Stradivarius earrings
Orsay trousers
Zara heels
H&M bag


     Have you ever thought of the outfit you would wear to a fashion week? I know I did! It would be something really fancy, with a lot of accessories and a lot of color and passion. I would never dress for the current trend but for my own taste. When I first put this outfit together, I looked in the mirror and I told myself: "Yes, I would totally wear this to a fashion week". You might be a bit skeptical about it, and looking back to the photos I admit, it might be a bit too plain for a fashion week, but the main reason why I thought this would be perfect, it's because I felt amazing. So comfortable, but yet chic. So colorful, but still down to earth.
     What do you think? What would you wear if you had the chance to attend a fashion week? Oh and a better question, which fashion week would you attend? I attended in February LFWend, but I would totally be interested in LFW also!! 

Have a fabulous weekend!
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{ What I'd Wear }
{ What I'd Wear }
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