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Good morning, everyone! Have a wonderful weekend!


     For today's post we decided to share some of our greatest "morning" photos. We really love taking them, I mean Kinga loves taking them and posting them on Facebook. We started to post some of the morning photos from the internet, but after we got our camera, we (again, Kinga) started to take our own. Because so many of you like them, why not share them here also? Plus we are working on some other projects , so we don't have an outfit post prepared for you guys.
     So let's talk about some of our upcoming plans. Well, this weekend we are shooting a Halloween special post for you guys, if you want to see "backstage" photos, follow us on Instagram! Plus on Thursday we are going to an event with Dana, which we have been posting about the last two weeks! 

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În ce campanii ale magazinelor online merită să te implici care să aducă atât profit, cât și notorietate? 
Mai mult text, sau imagini mai bune? Give-away-uri și endoresement - care cum funcționează?În 30 octombrie, la Cluj se vor pune aceste întrebări și împreună vom dezbate răspunsurile magazinelor care au testat diverse metode de promovare, bloggerilor care au implementat diverse tipuri de reclamă și au feed-back direct de la cititorii lor și a oamenilor din agenții de PR care gândesc strategii pentru magazine online.

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15:00 - 15:20 Continutul vinde. De la blog la shop
AloMoDa, Andreea Beltic
15:20 - 15:50 Live interview: Brandul Personal in moda
Molecule-F, Mirela Bucovicean
 16:00 - 16:30 Le click, c'est Chic! Cum sa devii un fashion icon international prin Google AdWords
Google, Ana Sipciu
16:30 - 17:00 Keeping on trend with Analytics
Estee Lauder, Colby Hanks
17:20 - 18:20 Debate: Contentul inseamna imagini sau text? Ce aduce trafic/vânzări?
Liana Martin, Andreea Beltic, Alina Ceusan
18:20- 18:40 Atelier by  Tulemod, Fashion bits and bytes. Moda accesibila in 3D.  
Tulemod – Radu Orghidan
18:40 - 19:30 Debate: Customer service –
Fashiondays, Cristina Popa si Cathias Edeline, Adeline Catinas

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 Inregistrarile se fac pe site, hotspotfashion.ro .

See you there!
Saci & Kinga
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{ Mornin' }
{ Mornin' }
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