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     21 - Twenty one. This number means so many things. You may say it's not a round number, but actually it represents so many things. I can say now that I can legally drink anywhere I want, hehe. But no, that is the least important thing. I feel 21 is more accurate age for describing independence and responsibility then 18 is. At 18 you are still a teenager, yes you can drive, you can get into nightclubs and you can vote, but still you are a mumma's girl. 
     Well, practically, nothing changed for me in the last 3 years. I still have no idea how to do the laundry, I don't have an income and I am still struggling to find my path in this hectic world. But somehow I still changed. I know now that if I want to achieve something, only me, myself and I can work hard for it. No one will ever help. Friends? Well, I've always been on the idea that true friendship doesn't exist and I am still holding onto that. But we have to find people who can make life around us fun and enjoyable. Thank God, I can say I have some pretty amazing people by my side. 
    As a true Adele fan, I want to pinpoint that 21 was crucial for her as well. Her second album, entitled 21, was globally the biggest selling musical release for both 2011 and 2012, and this was the moment when she became so so popular. I am not saying that now I have reached 21, I am gonna get famous and change my life drastically, that is silly. But I think in life, it is really important to celebrate every moment, because this is what gives you strength for more. These are the moments we will look back and say "What a beautiful life I had".

Anyway, let's not get all that philosophical. Ever since I visited a good friend in England this summer, I knew, I wanted number balloons for my birthday. But since I live in Romania, where almost nothing is possible, I had some difficulties with it. But finally, I found a great site from where I ordered them, if you are interested, take a look: Accesorii de Petrecere. I think they still have Black Friday 'til tomorrow. I filled it up with helium and voila! Fun (scientific) fact: the volume of the gas is directly proportional with the temperature. So if you heat the has ( you are in a hot room) it expands, if you cool it (go outside in November) its volume decreases. I had no idea of this, so when I took my balloons out, I was freaking out!!  So no need to worry! 

PS: Next week I am in Szeged, but we managed to snap some photos for you guys. We will not be able to comment and communicate with you via our blog, but you can follow us on Instagram!! BTW, Kinga finally has her own Instagram account, check it out and stay tuned because she will have a really fancy event next week! Spread the love!

Photo credit: Julia Papp

Have an amazing weekend!

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