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H&M dress, hat and necklace
Orsay trench coat and bag
Deichmann heels


I think there are two kind of people: those who love hats and does who don't. It's not like other items you can just say, well I might give it a go. Either you are a big enthusiastic, or you never wear them. I myself love hats. But don't wear them quite as often because: 

1. I have nowhere to put them when I enter the classroom/cafe/insertanyplacehere. When I enter somewhere, I take off my hat because well, I think it's weird just sitting inside and wearing  a hat. Dana asked us when we were in Cluj at the Hotspot Fashion event, should she leave her hat on during the conference? I was like, no, that's weird. But inside, there were two different ladies wearing it. So this might be just a problem for me. I know when you go in a church only man have to take off their hats and women can wear it, but still feels odd for me.

2. The wind blows it off my head. I mean, this is  a serious problem for me!!! I like wearing hats during autumn time, so yes, the probability that it will blow the wind it's pretty high. My mum suggested we should buy hatpins, does any of you use them? It would feel really strange, and I feel sorry for my lovely hats, because it will leave a hole in them.

3. People stare. I decided to wear a hat to University, and on my way there, on the bus, I noticed everyone just looking at me. And then I looked around and the only others wearing hat on that bus, were two old man. Why don't teenagers and young people wear hats? Is it because of what I wrote at 1 and 2? Because, if I look around Facebook and different blogs, I see a lot of ladies wearing hats. But that might be just for blogging. Who knows?

I ran out of reasons why I don't wear my hats that often. Do you have any difficulties when wearing a hat? How do you cope with it? I am really interested in your thoughts, maybe you can help me!

Have an amazing week!
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{ Earth tones }
{ Earth tones }
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