Happy Birthday, grandpa!



     We rarely post about our family, but our grandpa's 80th birthday was so wonderful, we just want to show you guys! My mum really wanted to make it special, since it is such a round number and we may never know if we get another 10 years. So we organized a surprise party, where we invited his work colleagues, some family friends and had a wonderful time. Kinga also wanted to dress up in Hungarian folk costume. The main reason why, is because her wife, our grandma (who we never got to meet) was Szekler. It was a bit weird, it was our second time ever wearing it. But it was definitely a great idea, because everyone loved it! Since we were in a traditional restaurant, some even confused us with the waiters, it was so funny! 
     Our grandfather worked as a machinist, or something similar. I never know what his job was, or what my cousins job is, it's too complicated to remember. Anyway, he really loved sewing machines, he even built one from the scratch, so we instantly knew what kind of cake we want to order him! We have a really close relation with him, since he helped our mum raise us and he was always there for us. He still is. 

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This is his sewing machine. He was so handsome, don't you think?

Have an amazing weekend!
Saci & Kinga

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Happy Birthday, grandpa!
Happy Birthday, grandpa!
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