Wearing: HiCustom #kavasisisters T-shirts 
New Look grey blazer, Bershka blazer
Kenvelo black skirt, Orsay white skirt
Persunmall necklace
Nike Air Max Muse
Fossil watch

     Hey everyone! For today's post we decided to work with another photographer, since we knew we wanted something more urban-chic like. For my (Saci) taste the photos have too much effect, I always think less is more when putting on effects (that includes Instagram also), but Kinga likes the final result.
     We wanted similar T-shirts for some while, and when we found this site (HiCustom), we knew we would write something more personal on it. I don't like motivational quotes on my top (eg. Happiness/Beauty/Fashion is... ), so hastag kavasisisters seemed the perfect fit. And of course, we had to style it with our newest addiction: Nike Air Max. We bought them last month or so, and we've been wearing them nonstop! You know, I do believe that in a women's life there are different stages. That includes different stages of shoes. I remember the days when we would wear skate shoes all the time! Etnies, Emerica, Circa, DC and so on. Ah, my ex hated them! After growing up from the punk/rock era, we started wearing cute flats, than worked our way up to high heels. But now, as Uni students, it's all about comfort for us. I almost never wear heels to Uni, because I don't have an Audi A8 or Mercedes Benz parked outside my flat. But even with a car, you cannot find parking spaces near the Hospitals, so heels are a definite no-no.
PS: Yes, these photos were taken in an abandoned swimming pool. Isn't that awesome??? I just love what they did to it, so many great graffiti's! I love street art so much!

Photo credit: Csibi Gellert

Have an amazing week!
Saci & Kinga

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