{ Man, these times are hard }


Zara (via Kurtmann) dark purple top
Orsay trench coat
H&M trousers
H&M boots
Primark bag


     Hey everyone! It is so hard to keep up with blogging. Kinga is organizing the Freshmen's Ball, so you will probably see less outfits with her. Plus after that is Christmas and exam sessions, and in February she will move to Szeged (Hungary) for a semester. Since we only have one camera, it will be really hard posting with the two of us. But I really hope we will figure things out! 
     Anyway, you might be wondering how on earth was I wearing such light clothes in November? Well, it was 20 degrees this weekend! It's so insane! The weather is so bipolar, just like me, hehe (joking). This outfit just popped into my head when I received the top and necklace from Kurtmann. I have a similar top that I bought some time ago in Zara, but I couldn't style it with anything at all! It looked so granny-like with skirts, and I don't feel as comfortable with jeans/trousers. But now, that I have another top in the same cut, I have to adjust. But I think it looks quite nice with these baroque embroidered trousers.
     We were invited this week to an event in our town where I won at the tombola. I rarely win at these kinds of events, but I guess, this time I was lucky! So I won a pamper session at a hairstyle salon, which is so needed. My hair is a total mess. I tried to dye it with an ammonia free hair dye, but it was so awful!! It didn't color all of my hair. Never again.

Have an amazing week!
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{ Man, these times are hard }
{ Man, these times are hard }
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