Happy New Year!!!


Stradivarius (via BrandCircus) shirt
Orsay skirt and gloves
Deichman boots
Zara jacket
Motivi bag


     So this is the last day of 2014!! It's really scary how quickly time flies by, I can clearly remember the last New Years Eve like it was yesterday. 
     I truly had an amazing year, started it with London Fashion Weekend. It wasn't an easy year but you must work for everything worth having and amazing. Had a lovely summer full of adventures and a fall-winter well spent with friends and family. 
      I have also made a New Years Resolution list, it's silly but I really like going through the last year and looking at what could have been better. I really need to go more to the gym, I think this one is on everyone's list after Christmas and all. My next one is to focus more on my studies and to start writing my dissertation. My last one is to sleep less and use that time for mini road trips, taking walks and studying. 

Have a Happy New Year Everyone!!!
Kinga &Saci
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Happy New Year!!!
Happy New Year!!!
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