CFC x wonderLAB: Girly Chic

          By Asy skirt
Beango sweater
Deichmann boots


     This is my second look of the collab we did in Budapest, and I think it is my fave! I love this skirt so much, I had to buy it! Lucky me, it was on sale. And I don't care if people say it doesn't suit me, I will still wear it because it is just freaking amazing. Maybe I won't style it with a loose sweater like this, but you know what? Why not? 
     Anyway, when we planned the whole trip and collaboration I was a bit skeptical about it, because I thought designers don't really do bigger sizes, but I was so wrong. At one point I had so many clothes lined up, it was such so hard to choose 3 looks. And this By Asy skirt is size S and still fits me because it was designed as a low waist skirt, and I wore it as a high waist. It is the first skirt that fits both me and Kinga, hehe! But let's just stop rambling about it!
     The Beango sweater is so stylish and comfortable also, I really thought of buying it, but the lower part didn't really look good on me, so just to wear it only with skirts, I rather left it on the shelf. Of course I had to style it with another amazing Jurekka  bag, and why not, two gorgeous necklaces, the longer one by Geomood and the colorful one from Soie Essentielle. Love the final look so much! Do you like it as much as I do?

Have an amazing week!

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CFC x wonderLAB: Girly Chic
CFC x wonderLAB: Girly Chic
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