{ My hair story }

Zara (via Zoto.ro) coat
H&M dress and hat
Bershka boots
Orsay bag


     Just because I am wearing grey I won't name this post "50 shades of Grey". That is just so boring, although I cannot wait to see the movie! As soon as the exam period was over I knew I wanted to refresh my hair color, never thought it would be this intense, but I am loving it so so much!
    I get a lot of questions from you guys regarding my hair and I am going to tell you now all you need to know about it. First, I have a wierd habit of changing up the color and the type of dye. Up until this moment I only used Schwarzkopf, and I started this journey with this color. It is a really natural looking, and great product! I always recommend this when people ask me, because I know they don't want a drastical change. Now, I used L'oreal Preference  and I am madly deeply in love with the result. I decided not to go to the hair dresser, so it was a DIY (or should I say DIM since my mum did it?). I know ammonia isn't that good for your hair, but I tried ammonia free dye and it's bullshit. I mean, maybe if you have never dyed your hair, you could try it out, or I've heard so many great things about Lush's henna. Last time I checked they had a ginger-y color also!
     But let's move on to the next thing, this amazing coat! I ordered it from Zoto.ro a romanian outlet site, and I loooove it so much! I placed the ordered and next day or maybe in two days I received the package. So the service is really good, and the other thing I like about it, is that you can actually see the clothes on models, so you have a basic idea of what it will look like. I always have problems with other outlet stores, they only take photos of the product. They must have left the magnetic anti-theft tag by accident because it was the same color as the coat, but I knew I won't return it just because of this minor incident. So I searched for a great tutorial and I took if off all by myself! It was pretty easy thing to do. I would totally recommend this site to all of you guys!  So check this site out, I am sure you can find something for your own taste! Oh, and they have some amazing things on sale!
     And the last thing: Daniel Wellington watches. Another obsession of mine. And if I have to be honest, I like this watch more than the other one we ordered this summer. It's a bit slimmer and so much more classier!!! I could go on and on about this watch!

The team from Daniel Wellington were kind enough to make our lovely readers a discount  of 15% for every purchase, by using the '1501chocolatefashioncoffee' code, you can use it until the 28th of February! 

Have an amazing week!

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{ My hair story }
{ My hair story }
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