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{ Orsay dress and bag; Stradivarius loafers, hat and necklace; Zara coat; H&M sunnies }

     You know what I am dreaming of? I am dreaming of a yacht. Never been on one, but it sounds so fancy, so high class. Don't you think? This outfit was inspired by the most beautiful yacht I have ever seen, by Athena. I can imagine myself strolling around in this dress, meeting people all around the world, sharing secrets and memories with each other. Then nighttime comes, we put on our coats, and lay on the ground watching the beautiful stars. Ah... I can almost see it!
     But because we are all different, and we all dream of different things, I created three different sets to all of you, all inspired by wonderful yachts. And you know what? I have just bought myself the new Elle, and there's a page dedicated to blue. Blue will surely be the IT color for this summer! So when you go out shopping remember this!


     So it is only fair naming the outfits after the yacht they have inspired me! The first one is for all of you who just want to enjoy your trip, you want to feel really comfortable, but of course you love being a women, so you put on your fave dress and lipstick when boarding on the Glorious Yacht.
     But if you are on business, or just have a more sophisticated style, you can put on your Balmain Classic Blazer and get on the Nassima Yacht with your special someone. 
     If you just want to have fun with your friends and swim in the ocean, the third look is the perfect look for you! I highly recomend a one piece suit, because it is more comfortable so you can eat all you want, and plus you never know who's on the Mystere Yacht with you!

*Special thanks to Julia who was kind enough to lend me her camera and edit the photos and Aliz, who helped me with putting together the Polyvore sets I created specially for this post!

So now you are all dreaming of yachts tonight, right? 
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{ OCEAN Independence Blogger Challenge }
{ OCEAN Independence Blogger Challenge }
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