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     I am in a huge dilemma and I have no idea how to tell you guys about it. But I know I want to. Two weekends in row now, I've been at different medical workshops, where I had a wonderful time. But as soon as they asked for my Facebook name, I started feeling ... well a bit ashamed because of my blog. I feel like people get the wrong impression when I tell them I have a fashion blog. I think that is mainly because all you can see on famous Romanian fashion blogs are... let's face it, women who have nothing else to do with their life, but to spend unearned money on designer goods just to satisfy the "mass media" with perfect Instagram photos. I am not that women, and I don't want people to get the wrong impression. 
     When I told this to my mum she was so shocked and a bit upset. When we started blogging she couldn't see the point of it, but now I feel she loves it more than we do. I really want both things in my life, it's just so hard to balance things out. I feel the urge of doing stuff all the time, going to workshops, out with friends, and of course I need to study, so I feel like blogging is just kinda fading away. I spend less and less time on it, and I am so sad. Anyway, let's hope things will get better!! We still try to post 3 times a week. so maybe you guys didn't even notice this.

Have a wonderful week!
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