{ CFC x Beango - Marcrete }



     Finally, we can show you the official photos of the photoshoot we had in Budapest. It was definitely worth the wait, because they are super amazing! It has to be one of our favorite projects so far, and it definitely motivates us to work a bit harder on the blog, since we have neglected it a bit. 
   We've already talked to you about this collaboration a few times since it was the highlight of our trip. We just love Beango, the last two collections were amazing. I am so happy that there are so many great hungarian designers, it makes me feel a bit proud to be Hungarian. And I think when young talented people work together, pretty things come alive. Like this photoshoot. The model (Luca Kocsis) I think is so beautiful and I just love her body and face expression. She really knows how to get into a character and express different feelings. The make up artist (Berta Szeplaki) did a wonderful job on Luca and on us too. My make up always looks the same, eyeliner + mascara and at nighttime I put on a red lipstick. So it was really great to see myself with something more natural and down to earth. The first thing we noticed when we arrived at the studio was the beautiful fish-tail braid of the model. And then the hairstylist, Mazsola Szabo did wonders for our hair, basically in a few minutes. It looks amazing, I never had my hair like this! Because the vibe of this collection is nature vs urban environment, the accessories by Szegedi Aliz Torella went perfectly with the whole ambience and it also suits Luca because she has really similar hair color. And of course we cannot talk about a big project without talking about the photographer, Zsuzsanna Koszegi. She had so many great ideas, for example how to pose. We honestly learned  a few tricks, and I am happy that I don't have my usual "bring it on" pose. People always say that I pose the same way all the time, with my right hand on my hip and legs crossed. Well, that's how I can take off a few pounds on the photos and look skinnier, hehe!
     I really hope you enjoy this post as much as we do, and we have so many great news to share with you, first of all, we go to Prague on Wednesday! Kinga will be at a conference, but me and my girlfriend hopefully will take some amazing pictures, eat loads of great food and drink beer! Follow us on Instagram for more adventure! 

Saci: @saci_cfc
Kinga: @kinga_cfc

Have an amazing week!
Saci & Kinga
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{ CFC x Beango - Marcrete }
{ CFC x Beango - Marcrete }
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