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Orsay dress
Mango jacket
Motivi boots
Motivi bag
Zara necklace


I am so happy we took a lot of outfit photos when Kinga was visiting, because otherwise we wouldn't have anything to show you guys. This week we decided to post only two outfits because, well, we ran out of things to post about and because we have such hectic schedules. Students day is coming up this week, which is a hectic week when students from my hometown get into groups of 35 (or more) and play against each other, and compete, during which obviously, everyone drinks (heavily, I must say). Sadly, this year I am not participating, only cheering for my team because on Friday I am going to Cluj to a Medical Conference and then, I am going to stay there til Sunday/Monday to cheer for another group, in Cluj. 

If you want to know more about the Students Day, or you maybe want to support us, SzIV-Hat, you can find us on Facebook! Oh and we had to make a video, check it out it is so amazing! We received a lot of wierd words and proverbs to include in the video, that is why it's a bit, well, different, but the meaning is so powerful! :)

PS: If you have any idea how I could wear pretty dresses like this one in more relaxed ways, just shoot me a comment. I bought a lot of pretty dresses lately, and I cannot wear them outside, because I tend to "overkill" it with fancy stuff, and I end up looking like a christmas tree!! HELP NEEDED! :)) 

Have a wonderful week!
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