For the sake of fashion.


Selected (via Kurtmann) dress
Topshop sunnies
Ursha ring
Orsay bag


     Budapest is just simply amazing. Every time we visit, we see different places, meet different people. We went to Budapest for the Thomas Sabo event, you can read more about it here, and also to meet a wonderful designer. You will read about that later on!
    Anyway, I have two little stories to tell you, both of them happened to me on this particular day. One of them has to do with this beautiful ring that Kinga bought in wonderLAB. Usually I don't wear any rings because I wash my hands so many times a day (med student problems), and I am afraid I will lose my ring. Well, that just happened in Budapest. I left this unique ring in the bathroom of a pretty place, and only realised it when I entered another bathroom and wanted to take off the ring before washing my hands. I freaked out. I knew Kinga would kill me, because it's not just one of those H&M rings that you can buy anywhere. We rushed back to the place where I left my ring, went in the bathroom and ... it's gone. I thought this was the moment Kinga would kill me, so I thought I will just ask the bartender if they have found a golden ring. And they did find it and I was the happiest person ever!!! So I will stick to my old habit of NOT wearing any rings. Too much drama!!
     The other story is about these pretty sandals. I showed you guys on Instagram (you can follow me @saci_cfc) and you totally loved it! I bought them in exam period and I was anxiously waiting to wear them. They seemed so comfortable and they are really comfortable ... but not for a whole day of running around in  a huge city. It's one of those 3-4 hours shoes, that you just put on for an event, or you wear them in the car and so on. At least for me. Why? Well because the middle strap, yep that golden sun of a b*tch, has totally ruined my feet for the next few days. I had a line full of blisters on both feet. In the end I gave up, went to the nearest Bershka and bought a pair of black sandals. Moral of the story? If you have a full day of running around in a huge city, wear your old comfy sandals. But who am I kidding? Fashionistas would do anything for the sake of fashion. Or there is a saying in Hungarian: "you have to suffer to be beautiful".

Have a wonderful week!
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For the sake of fashion.
For the sake of fashion.
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