{ My silver lining }


Zara (via Kurtmann) top
Stradivarius hat
Bershka jeans
Zara heels
Orsay bag


     It's so hard to find sometimes motivation. The easiest thing it would be to just never leave the house only for ice cream and pop corn and to just lay in bed and watch series all day long. For me that is the perfect relaxation. But unfortunately or well fortunately this is impossible. I have to wake up early in the morning, which has gotten harder and harder with years. I used to be a morning person before internet took over my life completely. Now I can barely wake up and start my day. 
     Plus I just hate summer. You loose so much time by just hiding from that burning sun. Basically, between 12 to 4 you cannot do anything at all. I cannot function in that heat, I have no idea how others do it. You might say that is the perfect time to just sunbath, but hell no, I don't want to get skin cancer. 
     Anyway, let's talk about this outfit. This is my go to look everyday. I just don't wear the hat, and wear flats instead the Zara sandals. I ordered the jeans from Bershka a few months ago and I was a bit afraid because their clothes usually run small. When I received the order and looked at the jeans, I was like "hell no, these won't fit". But they are really stretchy so they did fit! And I am the happiest because they are really light jeans, perfect for windier summer days.

Have a wonderful weekend!
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{ My silver lining }
{ My silver lining }
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